Private Lessons

Private lessons are typically once per week at a pre-scheduled time, lasting 30 minutes, and cost $20 per session. Students meet with their lesson instructors at the band hall, and payment is made directly to your lesson instructor.

Here’s the link to the Private Lesson signup form

Private Lessons are a vital part of a students’ music education. The one-on-one learning environment is the optimum educational setting. ALL students are encouraged to take advantage of this enrichment opportunity.

  • beginning students get one-on-one attention essential to becoming familiar with a new instrument
  • progressing students learn new techniques and hone their skills
  • advanced students get individual refinement and direction to be their best

2018-19 Private Lesson Instructors

Jillian Francis (Flute) –
Lauren Kavanaugh (Flute) –
Spencer Grasl (Oboe) –
Emily Spitz (Bassoon) –
Katherine Nakagawa (Clarinet) –
Adam Boswell (Clarinet) –
Travis Howell (Saxophone) –
Kari Parker (Trumpet/Horn) –
Christina Ackerman (Horn) –
Reginald Berry (Trombone) –
Paul Garza (Low Brass) –
Stephen Rougeau (Low brass) –