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What Do We Do In Band?


Summer Cookout

In addition to learning to play an instrument (what fun!), the band performs at a wide variety of functions:

  • ​School-Wide Pep Rallies
  • Junior High and High School Football Games
  • Winter Concert and Spring Concert
  • Solo, Small Group, Large Group, and Jazz Ensemble performance opportunities
  • Contest trips and community events

Can I Do Band and Sports or Clubs?

Yes! Many of our band students play one or more sports at DMS or outside of school. Our band kids play football, volleyball, basketball, track and field, soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, swim, kickstart, and more.  Our kids are scouts, thespians and active in their churches.  Our kids are routinely the top achieving academic students at Dulles Middle School. You name it, our kids do it AND are successful in band, their other activities and academics.

Meet the Instruments

Click Here to learn more about the many different instruments you can play in the Dulles Middle School Viking Band.