Private Lessons

Private lessons occur once per week at a pre-scheduled time, lasting 30 minutes, and cost $23 per session. Students meet with their lesson instructors at the band hall, and payment is made directly to your lesson instructor.

Private Lessons Registration Form

FBISD Private Lesson Program Guidelines

Private Lessons are a vital part of a students’ music education. The one-on-one learning environment is the optimum educational setting. ALL students are encouraged to take advantage of this enrichment opportunity.

  • beginning students get one-on-one attention essential to becoming familiar with a new instrument
  • progressing students learn new techniques and hone their skills
  • advanced students get individual refinement and direction to be their best

2019-2020 Private Lesson Instructors

Private Lesson Scholarships

Our Viking Band Booster Club is also committed to assisting students with scholarships for private lessons. With scholarship assistance in the form of half scholarships ($1.50 per lesson), private lessons can be more affordable to those with financial need. There are a limited number of scholarships available.

In order to qualify for scholarship assistance, students and parents must fill out an application form and submit it.  Scholarship awards will be based on a valid financial need and the following criteria:

  • Attendance to sectionals/events
  • Receive an “S” (satisfactory) or higher for band citizenship
  • Practice report grades/Assignment sheet pass-offs
  • Academic Eligibility/Band Grades
  • Availability of funds

Lesson Scholarship Application

Please submit your application on or before August 23.