Handbook & Supplies

The purpose of this handbook is to outline the guidelines and expectations for making this year a success for all involved and to serve as a guide and resource for students and parents. Both students and their parents should take the time to thoroughly read this handbook. Upon completion, the contract should be signed and and returned to your directors, indicating your understanding of these guidelines and expectations.

DMS Band Handbook

Remember to use the Charms online store to purchase items provided by the DMS Band Program. This includes your DMS Band binder, DMS Band T-shirt, and your formal concert uniform. For help with charms, review our “All About Charms Page” page under Resources.

Below you will find the supply lists for each instrument. Visit one or our  local music stores to purchase your supplies. Be sure to keep up with and maintain your supplies appropriately.

Flute Supply List

Oboe Supply List

Bassoon Supply List

Clarinet Supply List

Saxophone Supply List

Trumpet Supply List

French Horn Supply List

Trombone Supply List

Euphonium Supply List

Tuba Supply List

Percussion Supply List