Lisa Stiles Achievement Award

Lisa Stiles was the Director of Bands at Dulles Middle School from 1995 to 2002. While she was at Dulles Middle School, the band received several prestigious awards including being invited to perform at The Midwest Clinic in 1998. She inspires her students to set high goals and to work hard to achieve them so that they can reach their fullest potential and lead meaningful, satisfying lives. Students who receive this award demonstrate demonstrate these attributes and are awarded partial scholarship to the band camp of their choosing.

Award Recipients

2021-2022      Ahmet Buber

2019-2020      Chloe Johnson

2018-2019      Rithanya Mahesh

2017-2018      Sarah Conroy

2016-2017      Cres Pungot

2015-2016      Jaden White

2014-2015      Kristy Dang

2013-2014      Christopher Lemons

2012-2013      Christy Pham

2011-2012      Nguyen “Frank” Trinh

2010-2011      Sydney Collier

2009-2010      Wesley Pride

2008-2009      Marisa Harkins

2007-2008      Emily Work

2006-2007      Charles Pless

2005-2006      Amy Jeffers

2004-2005      Ryan Trautmann

2003-2004      Jennifer Baker

2002-2003      Emily Hay