All About Charms

Each student in the Dulles MS Viking Band has an account in Charms, our band management program. We use Charms for communication, calendars, finances, recording assignments, handouts, etc.

How to Log In to Charms

  1. You can bookmark this link: or use the handy link in the right column QUICK LINKS here. (To get there from the Charms homepage, you must hover over (don’t click on!) the LOGIN button and click on the Parents/Students/Members link that pops up below it.)
  2. Enter “dullesmsband” into the login window:
  3. Then, enter your student’s six-digit ID number as the password (skip the zero.) And you’re in!

Purchasing Items in Charms

How to Purchase Items in Charms For tshirts, band binder etc.

Making a Payment in Charms

Making a Payment in Charms Pay fees for trips etc.